About Jessica

Jessica Heath is an American-Sri Lankan businesswoman, chef, author and model residing in Washington, DC with her husband, Rick. She appeared on MasterChef USA Season 8 and is recognized as a global ambassador of Sri Lanka.


CEYLOVE (pronounced “Say Love”) is the union of Ceylon (the former British name of Sri Lanka) and Love. CEYLOVE is an intimate collection of my experiences, family memories, and - of course - food! The title perfectly conveys my adoration for Sri Lanka that simply ignites a fire in me to create beautiful, exotic food. The most amazing aspect of my job is pushing myself to develop impossibly-delicious flavor combinations with the spices I grew up on. That’s where my passion lies. The bold and creative flavors in this book can easily be traced back to my childhood with my family. Though I’m not a culinary expert (and I did not go to culinary school), I know good food. I love to eat well and I love giving other people the best food they have ever had in their lives. That fosters so much joy and creativity in my life.

Since my first trip to Sri Lanka (my honeymoon in 2012), I have been awestruck and mesmerized by the sheer beauty of the island and its people. It is a true love that consumes me. The kind of love that lasts forever. My past, present and future lie in Sri Lanka; the country is embedded in my heart and soul. My profound love for Sri Lanka, its people and its food always manifests on my plates.

Come follow me on this journey so you can understand what living and loving Sri Lanka is all about!